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Saturday, 13 January 2007
Can Cable Television defeat Satellite Television in the battle for new customers and top quality entertainment? The answer is… not a chance. Especially with satellite television providers such as Dish Network leading the way in the most cutting edge technology, the highest customer satisfaction, and unbeatable equipment and programming packages for first-time customers.


For a satelite TV provider to claim they are a better entertainment value than cable TV, they must be able to back it up. Dish Network does just that. While start-up entertainment packages with cable providers start at around seventy dollars, Dish Network packages start at around twenty dollars. Not only are you saving money in your initial sign up, you also could end up saving big with your monthly rates. In recent years, cable rates have grown an average of 8.2 percent. Combine this with the highest quality in equipment and technology that Dishnetwork gives new subscribers and cable television becomes less and less appealing. New subscribers receive free satellite equipment that include DVR, or Digital Video Recorders. DVRs allow you to record up to 100 hours of your favorite television shows which you can watch at any time of the day, month, or year. Cable television does not give you this top-notch technology for free. In addition, Dishnetwork also allows you place satelite television in up to four rooms of your house for free. Ask this of a cable provider and expect to pay five dollars or higher for each room you want to watch your favorite shows in.


A common misconception by people is that the number of channels offered by satellite television and cable television is the same. One hundred channels is the standard offer by cable providers. Very few offer up to one hundred and fifty. Compare this with the HUNDREDS of channels available through Dishnetwork, and cable TV comes up short once again. Local channels as well as every sports, movie, educational, children, adult, and even foreign language channels are yours to watch.


The free equipment and upgrades mentioned above are not the only free thing new subscribers receive. Dishnetwork also offers free high definition television equipment, or HDTV. Twenty-nine HDTV channels are offered which is more than anyone else in the industry. For the most part, HDTV is very limited through cable TV, and as of today it does not look like that is going to change. Now, you may not have a high definition TV which would leave you thinking that this free HDTV offering does not matter for you. To that television broadcasting experts respond with a simple phrase. Plan for the future. Government broadcasting requirements are pushing television stations to provide high definition programming in the near future. Also, the prices of high definition televisions are dropping year after year making the technology available to more people of all financial backgrounds. If you replace your current TV in the next few years, there is a great chance high definition televisions will be in the price range you desire. If you already have these high definition capabilities before buying that new HDTV, you are a step ahead of the game in having the best of the best in picture and sound for your favorite programs.


With the extra channels available and the free equipment upgrades, the choice over cable television seems easy. To make it even easier, consider this. Cable TV is not available in many areas of the country, especially rural areas. Dishnetwork is available everywhere you are able to point a satelite dish towards the southern sky. Whether it is on your home, your business, your boat, or even your RV, entertainment is simply a click of your remote through satellite television

Archie Harris is a satellite television guru who has been following industry trends for over fifteen years. Mr. Harris has been publishing articles about satellite TV packages and the lastest deals on the internet for the past seven years. Consumers and first-time buyers have come to rely on Mr. Harris' articles to make the most informed decisions about purchasing satellite systems such as Dish Network and DirecTV. New articles by Mr. Harris are posted regularly at this site and many others.

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